I’m relocating from Norway to Edinburgh

Behold, for I am rebranding, moving, repurposing my business. In another country. I’m relocating from Gjøvik, Norway to Edinburgh, Scotland. Come with me on my adventure on this brand new blog, with my brand new message, look and approach. Branding and logo to follow.

This sudden change calls for desperate measures. I, a creative soul who hasn’t yet figured out what to become when I grow up, needs to continue with that in a brand new city. I’m 26 and still feel there’s just got to be more. So where is this taking me?

The last three or four years I have been developing as a wedding photographer, doing it full time for over a year at this point. I love it, I love my lifestyle as an entrepreneur, but I also paid for 4 years of education I just don’t want to waste. I’m actually a Bachelor of Science in Ecology and Natural Resource Management + a full year degree in Multimedia Design. In addition I am pursuing a Master of Science in Sustainable Development, and solely being a photographer is not going to cut it for me.

So I need to swirl my passions and interests together, with a new brand, a new name, a new website in a universal language, where I can just do the things I love for a living. Hence, Glitter & Twigs was born.

They are two words symbolising my passions. Glitter for all things pretty, sparkling, colourful, fashionable and glamourous. Twigs for the natural, heartfelt, sincere and raw. These passions and values are to be channeled through wedding photography, a digital design corner for like minded entrepreneurs, and eventually mixed somehow with my passion for environmental concern + a personal fine art travel blog. Phew, how is this even possible?

I’ve decided to let go of some things to continue my journey. For instance I will no longer take family or children/newborn photography sessions. I will however continue with my modest but popular webdesign service, wedding photography + a brand new blog based around my academic pursuit. Which are all to follow, so stay tuned.

So I guess that’s still a lot to wrap my head around. But eventually I’ll get there, and I hope to bring you along on my journey!

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