My First Ever Maternity Session Shot On Film

So, I was really, very excited about this maternity session that I did with my Nikon F4 on Kodak Portra 400 film. I was also extremely excited after the shoot, until I was shipping the rolls away to Carmencita Film Lab for development, and I realised that I’d lost one out of two rolls of film.

Luckily enough this was a free shoot for practice, but anyways I’ve never felt so unprofessional in my entire life. You can say I’ve learnt a thing or two. So here are the 5 usable photos that were taken with roll two. Rest of that roll was mountain flowers from my parent’s cabin. Post to follow.

You can say I’ve learnt a thing or two about safety and handling of film during this first ever shoot. I am horrified that I lost one of the rolls, and I’ve kinda lost hope it will ever resurface. Just a few days after Carmencita Film Lab handed over these scans, they said two of the rolls I shipped them were blank, which is also kind of a mystery. So film, guys, potentially unsafe, enchanting nonetheless.

All photos are untouched scans from Carmencita Film Lab, on Kodak Portra 400 film, shot with Nikon F4. Thanks to Anne for being a sport and a beaut for this shoot!

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