Elegant Wedding With Confetti And Glitter

This elegant wedding was my last of the 2015 season, and this time I was a guest too! The groom is a childhood friend of mine, and we even grew up on the same street and went on tons of wonderful hiking trips together with friends in the Norwegian mountains, or just chatting on our way home from school. The bride and groom are both talented musicians, and they played in me and my husbands wedding band in 2012. The following photos is my way of saying thank you!

I loved the gold and blue details. The elegant table decorations with gold-sprayed books and mason jars were lovely, and I could even find some sequin to do the macro shots on!

Oh, and not to mention the music! The bride and groom are both talented musicians and have extraordinarily talented musician friends which made this day incredibly unique and enjoyable for a music-appreciator like me. One of the bridesmaids was my best friend in primary school, and I photographed the wedding of one of the other bridesmaids! This wedding in my hometown and in Stavanger really felt (literally) like coming home, and I’m so happy I did it.

Since I was a photographer + guest, I took advantage and dolled up for real for the occasion. You should have seen it, I went all in with a full short swing skirt prom dress with crystal bodice. It was maybe a tad too much, but hey I’m not used to dress up for weddings other than the elegant-but-comfy style I usually wear. Of course there are no good pictures of me in it, since I was generally behind the camera, but it was fun finally to wear something sparkly.

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