Family Photoshoot in Edinburgh

You can never be fully prepared for family photography, especially photographing children – they’re all so different, and that’s what makes it fun. Sometimes they’re shy. Sometimes not! Like this little fellow, all energetic and ready to go. George was an amazing model for the camera – and I was running to keep up with him!

Tons of energy and curiosity only makes for great photos. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up, but if you know how to move around, you’ll get great photos of a happy child.

I advice parents beforehand to speak about the photo shoot in a positive way to children who are old enough to understand. This little family had been looking at my portfolio together, and George had even picked his favourite pose! We went looking for a tree just for him to do this;

How adorable is that?! He’d seen a toddler do that in this shoot over here, and he thought he was leaning against a tree. Not my go-to pose, but what I’ve learnt during my time as a family photographer, if it’s not fun for the kids, it’s not going to be fun for anyone. That’s also why I usually bring soap bubbles. This wee boy was very outgoing, but sometimes you really need an icebreaker to start off right.

This scenic place near Arthur’s Seat in Holyrood Park, Edinburgh, proved perfect for family photography. The volcanic rocky wall is an amazing backdrop, and the city is just close by. I just LOVE Edinburgh so much for it’s diversity and beautiful overcast weather. And I really enjoyed picking up my cameras for real again. Can’t wait until next week-end when I’m doing a very cool couple shoot in urban Edinburgh!

Thank you so much Laura, Wayne and George for spending your Sunday afternoon with me. Here’s a selection of photos from our time together, and I hope you like them!


  • Laura
    1 year ago

    Oh wow Ingeborg,I love this little piece about us 🙂
    The photos are truly amazing 🙂 you captured George so well, he is a real outdoor boy, so this suited him so well.
    I am so emotional looking at these, because my baby is growing in to such a big boy 🙂
    You have made me so happy.
    Thankyou for your time and George says thankyou for the bubbles 🙂 such a thoughtful touch buying George a little pot of bubbles.
    I shall recommend you to all my friends and family xxxx
    Laura, Wayne and George

    • 1 year ago

      Oh wow, thank you Laura!

      This means so much to me! You all were so great in front of the camera. I really appreciate your comment – makes my job so worthwhile!


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