About Me

Hello, I’m Inga

The girl behind Glitter & Twigs

Lover of pretty things and animals. And food, and craft beer and fashion, and progressive metal. And photography, obviously. And I sometimes sing.

Photography wasn’t a part of my childhood. But it’s safe to say my life took a different turn when I first got a camera five years ago. I’ve always had an exeptional attention to detail though, and spent hours upon hours as a child doodling and role-playing and making up invisible friends! I’m sure creativity and individualism made me a photographer, and not a fancy camera (although it helps!). I’ve since been through University and all that jazz, but I’d rather just work for myself and create beautiful, meaningful things for people. And I’m so grateful that I can!

You may wonder, why ‘Glitter & Twigs’?

I moved to Edinburgh in 2015 and had to change my business name. You probably get it when I say that most people in Scotland won’t remember Ingeborg Haarr (my previous business name, and full name). I wanted something fun, catchy and something representative of my style. They’re just two random words, but collectively they symbolise playfulness and a love for beauty, and the raw and natural, too.