About me

Hello, I’m Inga!

Your Scotland and Norway based, friendly and easy going wedding photographer with a love for creating beautiful, natural and colourful memories.

I’m a creative entrepreneur, passionate about beautifully presenting memories, and making a life from doing what I love.

I love photographing love stories, travelling and exploring new parts of the globe. I have a degree in Multimedia Design and I’m very close to the end of my MSc in conservation biology. I aspire to combine all my interests and skills to create beauty and make a difference, every day. My work is my passion, and you will notice this in the time and energy I put towards your wedding og photo shoot! I’m not a jack of all trades, but I firmly believe you don’t just have to do one thing.

When I’m not making a living, I love adventures with my dog and a clever podcast on my ears, singing out loud in high-sustain underpasses, discover new progressive metal or funk bands, play with my niece & nephews, kiss stanger dogs right on the nose, or curl up on the sofa with a cold beer, binge-watching Netflix (we all do, don’t we?).

I love my job, as it let’s me combine all the things I love and make it my every day – all while throwing the occasional burst of glitter in the air, naturally.