I am in the constant process of figuring out what to become when I grow up. I think I’m an entrepreneur by heart, and my mission is to live from what I love to do, photographing love stories, travelling, blogging and the occational throwing of glitter in the air!

Dedicated to the amazing Cristiana and Rui from Love Is My Favorite Color.
Travel Photography from Portugal, November 2016; Who would’ve thought Portugal had so much to offer in so few days? Much is courtesy to Cristiana and Rui who guided us through and gave us inspiration for this slightly spontaneous (or closer to unplanned) journey, but seriously guys, why haven’t we heard more amazing things about this country? Let me show you what I mean!

Finally – I’ve had my first shoot in wonderful Scotland! Super talented Maighread Simpson and her husband posed for me in Holyrood Park a delightfully golden afternoon. It was a rare kind of weather that day, but super windy and freezing. They put up with it, and the images turned out gorgeous. Mostly because these two are super beautiful! But I can’t help giving the light some credit. This time I also opted for a bit different style in my editing, just for fun.

These two lovebirds got married in August 2015, but I also did an engagement shoot in Gjøvik, Norway with them a year ago for a little project. I wanted to make a delicate and stylish wedding information website template, that you can see here. Want one for your own wedding? Say hello! The photographs are taken on one of my favourite locations in Norway, Hovdetoppen, which contains ruins of a posh restaurant that burnt to the ground a long time ago, and has since been a “secret” hideout for many a teenager.

Finding your perfect wedding photoshoot location should be easy and fun, and usually a professional photographer don’t need you to go atop a mountain og swim in the ocean to take good or unique photographs – even though that would be pretty awesome and if you’d want that I’m totally in! Sometimes it’s just about figuring out what you’d like your end product, your photos, should look and feel like. Of course as your photographer I can help you with suggestions, but what’s really important is that you choose a location based on your style and personality as a couple. And if you give it some thought before the day, you’re more likely to be happy with the results because it makes sense to you.

This elegant wedding was my last of the 2015 season, and this time I was a guest too! The groom is a childhood friend of mine, and we even grew up on the same street and went on tons of wonderful hiking trips together with friends in the Norwegian mountains, or just chatting on our way home from school. The bride and groom are both talented musicians, and they played in me and my husbands wedding band in 2012. The following photos is my way of saying thank you!

I have known since I started my photography business full-time June 2014 that I wanted to be self employed, and combine my different skills and passions into a sustainable business. Because I didn’t have time to take a step back and analyse the situation + prepare before my big move to Scotland, I actually just had to take a corporate job in a big multinational company. The incentive for this was primarily financial, and it has made me feel like a failure.

I was so excited to finally do an urban wedding! The 2015 wedding season has been everywhere around Gjøvik, my recent countryside hometown, where lakes and forests dominate the landscape. This October wedding was in the heart of Oslo, and the extremely sporty couple had their wedding in Gamle Aker Church, photo shoot at St. Hans-haugen, and reception at a sports stadium, Bislett. What fun!

I have been contemplating to quit doing family photography. I just wasn’t in love with doing family photos it anymore, and didn’t find inspiration or motivation to advertise it. That was all until this family, and a few others I hope to blog eventually, was happening. Long story short, I loved it and I just want to continue capturing beautiful family photos!