I am in the constant process of figuring out what to become when I grow up. I think I’m an entrepreneur by heart, and my mission is to live from what I love to do, photographing love stories, travelling, blogging and the occational throwing of glitter in the air!

Behold, for I am rebranding, moving, repurposing my business. In another country. I’m relocating from Gjøvik, Norway to Edinburgh, Scotland. Come with me on my adventure on this brand new blog, with my brand new message, look and approach. Branding and logo to follow.

This sudden change calls for desperate measures. I, a creative soul who hasn’t yet figured out what to become when I grow up, needs to continue with that in a brand new city. I’m 26 and still feel there’s just got to be more. So where is this taking me?

Many successful photographers have been playing with cameras since they were children. And it goes without saying, many of them where children at the age of film, or when digital photography was only just seeing the light of day. I remember I shot only one film roll during my whole childhood if you don’t count those horrible disposable cameras. Last year I was reintroduced to this amazing medium, and I’m in love!