Fine Art

Fine Art Photography is for me another way of saying I shoot film, and it makes me pay even more attention to detail.

Dedicated to the amazing Cristiana and Rui from Love Is My Favorite Color.
Travel Photography from Portugal, November 2016; Who would’ve thought Portugal had so much to offer in so few days? Much is courtesy to Cristiana and Rui who guided us through and gave us inspiration for this slightly spontaneous (or closer to unplanned) journey, but seriously guys, why haven’t we heard more amazing things about this country? Let me show you what I mean!

Many successful photographers have been playing with cameras since they were children. And it goes without saying, many of them where children at the age of film, or when digital photography was only just seeing the light of day. I remember I shot only one film roll during my whole childhood if you don’t count those horrible disposable cameras. Last year I was reintroduced to this amazing medium, and I’m in love!