Love What You Do

Wow, it’s been over six months since I went to Greece, and just now I’m finalising this blogpost. Right in the middle of my busiest time at University. I’ve got only 4 weeks left of trimester two, and it’s terrifying! I think this is called procrastination. Anyways, I just wanted to blog, becasue it’s a shame if these colourful and perfectly scanned (thanks Carmencita Film Lab, once again) images were just lost on a hard drive.

I have known since I started my photography business full-time June 2014 that I wanted to be self employed, and combine my different skills and passions into a sustainable business. Because I didn’t have time to take a step back and analyse the situation + prepare before my big move to Scotland, I actually just had to take a corporate job in a big multinational company. The incentive for this was primarily financial, and it has made me feel like a failure.

Behold, for I am rebranding, moving, repurposing my business. In another country. I’m relocating from Gjøvik, Norway to Edinburgh, Scotland. Come with me on my adventure on this brand new blog, with my brand new message, look and approach. Branding and logo to follow.

This sudden change calls for desperate measures. I, a creative soul who hasn’t yet figured out what to become when I grow up, needs to continue with that in a brand new city. I’m 26 and still feel there’s just got to be more. So where is this taking me?