engagement shoot

I simply can’t wait for this couple to get married in Cairo next summer, and I’ll be there with them! I am honoured and proud they’ve picked me as their photographer, and to warm up we had an engagement shoot in Oslo while I was there a few weeks ago. This couple came all the way from Kvinesdal to do this shoot, and went above and beyond to help me organise the shoot with flowers from Blomsteratmosfære.

Finally – I’ve had my first shoot in wonderful Scotland! Super talented Maighread Simpson and her husband posed for me in Holyrood Park a delightfully golden afternoon. It was a rare kind of weather that day, but super windy and freezing. They put up with it, and the images turned out gorgeous. Mostly because these two are super beautiful! But I can’t help giving the light some credit. This time I also opted for a bit different style in my editing, just for fun.

These two lovebirds got married in August 2015, but I also did an engagement shoot in Gjøvik, Norway with them a year ago for a little project. I wanted to make a delicate and stylish wedding information website template, that you can see here. Want one for your own wedding? Say hello! The photographs are taken on one of my favourite locations in Norway, Hovdetoppen, which contains ruins of a posh restaurant that burnt to the ground a long time ago, and has since been a “secret” hideout for many a teenager.