Film grain and rain in Rome

October 30, 2014

I had just attended an amazing workshop with The Norwegian Wedding Magazine, feeling super inspired by Isabelle Hesselberg from 2Brides and Siegrid Cain, and bought my Nikon F4 shortly after. So this is the first EVER go I had with my film camrea for private affairs. And we went to Rome.

This trip to Rome was a romantic getaway with my husband in november 2014. We were there only 4 days over the weekend, just exploring the city, food and beer. The Birra Moretti Grand Cru was my favorite italian liquid gold, and you could get large, yet extremely expensive, bottles on top the Castello St Angelo, accompanied with an AMAZING view. Worth every penny.

I love that Rome is just full of surprises and beauty. You don’t need to plan anything or pay anyone to see what this city has to offer. However I would recommend a Castello St Angelo admission, it’s where I shot the St Peters Cathedral through a hallway window. The St Peter Cathedral is just prettier from afar! Other than that, we just walked around. Good exercise, good for the soul!

We lodged just south of the river in central Rome, in BDB Luxury Rooms Navona. It wasn’t as expensive as it may sound, but it was ideally located, 2 minutes walk from the Castello St Angelo and Piazza Navona, it was stylish + they had Marilyn Monroe on the walls. Who could ask for more?

All photos are shot with 35mm Kodak Portra 400 film, and developed by Carmencita Film Lab. And they turned out way better than I imagined. The whole experience triggered my passion for fine art travel photography, and I am eager to learn more, get better at it and just go places.

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