My first Edinburgh photo adventure

October 28, 2015
I am smiling wide like a fool on the Norwegian air shuttle Edinburgh bound an august Friday evening. Because I’m so excited to move to Edinburgh any Scottish accent person will make me giggle like a teen and because I’m so lucky to be in charge of my own destiny, taking a leap and moving to another, exciting country.

I’ll take the challenge, Edinburgh!

I still don’t know what Edinburgh will bring, but I’m sure a lot of doors will open. I have already booked my first wedding in Scotland, I’m planning to finish my education in Heriot-Watt University by 2017, I am handing in a Cover Letter and Resume for an exiting job opening, and I’m planning to start speaking with a Scottish accent, including all the ridiculously adorable words they use. And I will most certainly do some serious Edinburgh photography along the way.

Here’s a peek from my first real Edinburgh visit with my Nikon F4. Carmencita Film Lab developed an scanned all the photos as usual, and I love them as always. I roamed the streets of Edinburgh, I climbed Arthur’s seat and I just walked about in general like I do when I’m on a mission to capture a city on film. These photos are just randomly taken, but I really like the mood I get from watching them. Edinburgh has so much to offer, and I can’t wait to get to know it better. Here goes!

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