It’s Sunny in Kelvingrove Park!

May 28, 2016

These beauties are getting married in Glasgow University Chapel in July, and lucky me – I got to shoot their engagement AND will be shooting their wedding when summer comes. This selection of photos was taken in Kelvin Grove park, where we had a wee session after our meet-and-greet at Tinderbox cafe on West End.

Even though I’ve been in Scotland for over 6 months now, I’m still not very familiar with Glasgow. It’s so much bigger than Edinburgh, but I know it’s got so much to offer!

I’m so excited they’re getting married in Glasgow University Chapel – their courtyard looks amazing, and we’ll most likely use the grounds for our photos after the ceremony.  And with the engagement session complete – there’s nothing stopping us for getting amazing photographs. A shoot like this really prepares you for what’s happening on the big day, and for some of you out there who thinks it may be weird to pose for a camera, why not do a shoot like this? Including the experience, you get lovely photographs of yourself in a more relaxed setting and they’re so valuable to look back on PLUS you can use them for the wedding day too as you like!