I simply can’t wait for this couple to get married in Cairo next summer, and I’ll be there with them! I am honoured and proud they’ve picked me as their photographer, and to warm up we had an engagement shoot in Oslo while I was there a few weeks ago. This couple came all the way from Kvinesdal to do this shoot, and went above and beyond to help me organise the shoot with flowers from Blomsteratmosfære.

I’d also like to do a wee shout-out to Ingrid at Blomsteratmosfære who supplied us with the flowers for the shoot. They were absolutely perfect, subtle and informal. Ingrid was also super flexible with delivery and was super helpful even though I organised everything from across the pond. Thank you!

I arrived in Oslo after a wedding Bergen (!) the day before, so I was generally a bit exhausted after 7 hours on the train. Luckily the weather was gorgeous, the couple was so chill and the whole situation was just giving me a total burst of creativity! I love shooting in cities, they’ve got so much to offer!

Oh, and we added a bit of glitter at the end, and the poor couple was covered in it for the entire trip home. I’m not sure the glitter is still out of their hair, but I sure hope so! So note to self, it’s probably better with real confetti for these things. Anyways, it made for super fun images, and luckily with a couple as relaxed and carefree as this couple, it was all just a blast!

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