Anniversary Shoot in the Botanic Gardens

August 9, 2017

I’m so happy that Sonnie and her Joe wanted to do this photoshoot before they move from Scotland to Japan. So fun to work with, such an awesome couple, and so inspiring to be a part of their Edinburgh adventure.

“I worked with Ingeborg today to do a casual shoot around Edinburgh. My husband and I are moving to another city and couldn’t think of a better souvenir. Ingeborg was amazing! She picked out wonderful locations ahead of time, but was still open to hearing any ideas we had. She made it very fun and completely stress-free. I couldn’t recommend her enough!”

PS! Check out Sonnie’s YouTube channel, also featuring myself in a few episodes, and my awesome dog (shameless self-promotion). Sonnie’s got over 4000 followers for her travel / living abroad from the US channel, and lots of useful information for people wanting to live away from “home”. I can’t wait to follow their Japan adventures.