I went to Iceland! Just like everyone else. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly people-free environment, because it was packed with tourists. But I’m still left with an impression of a beautifully unique, pristine landscape because that’s what moved me the most. Something I’ve never seen, or smelt, before! Not the amount of other tourist.

And of course, it’s worth going only for the amazing real food that’s miles away from an average UK diet, the proper black coffees, THE FRIGGIN’ AWESOME COLOURS EVERYWHERE, the knit and wool, and the shops that all look like walking into a Pinterest board. The steam coming up from the ground. And if that wasn’t enough – their language, which if you speak Norwegian is extremely entertaining to read.

That’s enough of my words. Please have a look at my impression of Iceland through a Nikon F4 camera, Kodak Portra 400 film scanned by Carmencita Film Lab, and a set of 50 mm and 28 mm lenses. Hover over the images for info as you scroll along.

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