I’m so excited to share this absolutely stunning wedding day from the Norwegian west coast with you! Silje and Marius are an absolute DIY king and queen duo, who together with family and friends made this wedding as beautiful as can be. They had thought of everything not limited to handmade bridesmaids gifts, personalised ring box, colour coordinated groomsmen outfits, confetti cannons, poem prompt cards (!), confetti galore and to incorporating their passion for motorcycles and obsession with Mini Coopers!

You can watch their slideshow, or scroll through for my favourites in blogpost format. I do apologise (not) for the amount of pictures, though! I absolutely couldn’t narrow it down more to give this day justice! If you scroll all the way down, there’s a little treat for you 😉



Summer Wedding


Thanks for scrolling this far! You deserve some cake now. You’re welcome!

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