Gorgeous sunset engagement shoot in Edinburgh

August 1, 2019

Jordan & Paul came to Edinburgh all the way from Mississippi in May 2018 to visit the film festival. Paul had just proposed a few days before, so they browsed Instagram for photographers on their layover in Washington. And what did they find? Little me! Safe to say, I was thrilled to book their engagement shoot in Edinburgh. Oh, how the world is a small, peculiar place! This later led to a whole lot of adventures, for instance I photographed teir actual wedding in Mississippi a year later! Click the link to see how that went down.

I love showing American and Canadian couples around my beautiful town. I’ve got a fair bit of enquiries from across the Atlantic in the past year because of Instagram. It’s so special to be contacted from so far away! Edinburgh offers so many unique spots, and even though I have created the ULTIMATE route for any engagement shoot in Edinburgh. Somehow there’s still enough variety to make every shoot unique. Just have a look at this shoot, done just a week earlier with a couple from Texas – in the same place, using the same route! My guess is, you can’t believe it 😉

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