Discover beautiful Edinburgh with this travel photoshoot

August 27, 2019

Are you interested in booking a travel photoshoot in Edinburgh?

In the past few years, I’ve had many enquiries from Americans and Canadians visiting beautiful Scotland. Creating authentic, unique souvenirs for travellers has been an incredible experience! Melanie and Jim came all the way from Bermuda to visit Edinburgh. Little did Jim know that he was being dragged along to a shoot, disguised as a portrait shoot for Melanie. She’s a photographer in Bermuda (a damn talented one at that!) and needed some headshots for her website. Along with these, she rightly wanted to get some beautiful photos in Edinburgh as well.

Travel photoshoots usually last up to 90 minutes, and it’s almost like a personal guided tour as well; if you don’t know the city, I will show you the very best spots! That means the quiet places where tourists never wander, along with the best views of the city. I’ve previously done quite a few of these travel shoots, and you can have a look here, or here for more examples.

Any kind of lighting situation makes Edinburgh beautiful, but there’s just something special about the city when a low summer sun hits off the ancient stone walls. I hope you like this blogpost! If you’re thinking about booking a travel photoshoot in Edinburgh, just pop me an email!