Emotional barn wedding at Moserud Gård, Norway

September 24, 2019

This barn wedding is from my motherland Norway! Moserud Gård is in Lier and as far as I’m concerned it’s a new wedding venue. You can find EVERYTHING you need for a Pinterest perfect barn wedding there. I especially loved the decor, the table settings, the mis-match chairs and the layered rugs. The estate is lovely as well, with ample space for lawn games or just hanging under the trees in the sun. I’m excited to share with you!

By the way, did I mention that Eirin sang to Aleksander as she was walked down the aisle by her father? It was INCREDIBLE. Not a dry eye in the audience and even I was touched to tears. Goosebumps and all! She has an amazing voice. Pictures obviously don’t do the experience justice, but have a look at Aleksander’s reaction to get an idea!

Challenging light but LOVED it

This barn wedding had me challenged though! It’s quite tricky to maintain a bright and colourful wedding photography style in a pitch dark barn. Especially with not much opportunity to use flash in the way I usually do. The images turned out quite dark from the venue, but it’s just reflecting the atmosphere on the day and I think they ended up amazing!

Other barn wedding venues

Oh, and I know this venue shoutout isn’t really helpful for my Scottish friends, so I wanted to show you a blog post from Pratis Barns which is different, but also an amazing venue for your dream barn wedding. Especially I love the barn used for the wedding ceremony at Pratis Farm.

As usual, I have added their full slideshow below for you to watch, or you can scroll through the blog post. I loved photographing at Moserud Gård and can’t wait to (hopefully) be back in the future!