This is just a quick blog post to wish everyone a Happy New Year! In 2019 I became a Linlithgow Based Wedding Photographer (with a lovely, very small home office), which means I’m in the perfect spot to cover weddings all over the Scottish central belt, and super close to the Airport for all my Norwegian based weddings. I’ll soon enough come around to creating a 2019 highlights video, but for now, I just wanted to state my intentions for the new year:

My intentions for the new year

I’m going to start fresh, and I kick off with lots of energy and motivation for 2020. I’m going to jump straight in after two weeks of well-needed rest, and have a long list of things to tackle first. This year the ONLY, and SOLEMN vow I make to myself is to stay on top of things, to pre-empt overwhelm. It’s absolutely necessary to keep being excited about my work, to do the job my clients deserve and to keep loving what I do every, single, time. So here’s to a new year full of possibilities, positive energy and lots of creativity!

I’ve scheduled Instagram posts a week in advance, I’m planning to blog every week (and I’ve already made a list of all the, hopefully, informative and inspiring blog posts to come at you in 2020. I’ve made a list to fill out every morning of things to do and to focus on, and have so much planned and set up to achieve my most productive and inspiring year yet.

I’m excited to have you along on the journey for 2020, where I focus more on developing my skills, staying on top of things, and spreading the word about my work & services both in Scotland and in Norway. Because yes, in 2021 I hope to double my bookings for Norwegian weddings. Who knows – I may eventually move back, but either way I love going back and keep in touch with my roots.

Lastly, but most importantly, thank you to my 2019 clients

I’m so grateful to the clients who have let me share from their wedding day (as this is the ONLY way I can promote my work to the world, and attract new clients). I’m also grateful for their trust, and to all of you who came back to me with amazing feedback that will nourish me for the new season.

Below are (most) of my wedding couples from 2019! The rest have reserved their right to online privacy. I’m so excited to meet all my 2020 couples and make beautiful memories for their generations to come.

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