10 things I love about my job that’s NOT about taking photos

May 17, 2020

Taking photos may seem like the main part of my job. While that’s somewhat true – it’s definitely the main product I deliver – it’s also the thing I do the LEAST of while running my business!

For instance, I photograph 25 weddings a year on average, but I work on my business more than 200 days a year in addition to that.

Of course a lot of that time is spent editing, but there are many more exciting things about running a photography business that I wanted to share with you.

So here are 10 things other than photography that I love about my job, and that gets me up every morning

  1. Connecting with people through social media, emails and my website in new and interesting way each and every day
  2. Creating helpful content, like articles, PDF magazines and blogposts about wedding planning for better photos, reassuring my clients about their worries and basically be of help where I can leading up to my client’s weddings
  3. Hearing my couples stories – like their dreams and plans for their wedding, or hear more details about their engagement story, how they met and who they are
  4. Making album designs that always turn out SO beautifully!
  5. Consciously working on developing my business and learning more about what brides and grooms to be are looking for by doing market research
  6. Chatting with friendly guests, such as parents, uncles, aunties, friends, basically anyone who wants to talk to me at weddings! Many ask me about Norway, or my camera gear. It makes people more comfortable around me when I’m approachable.
  7. Putting new, pretty pictures on my Instagram grid and on my website, showing my work off and seeing it all come together
  8. Coming up with new ideas and finding new, amazing products to try out, like a new album company, discovering new pretty papers
  9. Talk to and get inspired by talented and creative wedding suppliers, like florists, planners, venues and wedding dress designers
  10. Being my own boss, decide which direction to take, have power over what I do, the good feeling I get when productive because I wanted to, and learn something new every day!

❇️ Action Step: Think about ONE thing you enjoy about your job, and WHY you enjoy it. Is it because it’s a creative task, one where you can communicate with people, or one where you can work alone? Tell me over on Instagram!