How I work through a full day wedding

May 31, 2020

In the past few years I’ve really found my way with wedding photography and refined my style and approach to get those unposed, candid wedding photos at a full day wedding. So, let me tell you a little bit about how I work on your wedding day!

If you want some inspiration for your timeline, I dedicated a full post to planning your wedding timeline here.

The morning

I’ll arrive a couple of hours before your ceremony to capture everything from small details to big moments. I arrive and let you know I’m there, and I’ll probably be in and out your room to get everything that’s happening around your venue if that’s a key part of your day.

You’ll barely know I’m there, and I won’t ask anything of you unless I feel like it will really enhance your gallery. If it feels natural, I’ll chat away with you and your bridal party, if not, I’ll stay away. The important thing for me is that I give you space to feel comfortable and be in the moment. I’d say I’m quite good at reading a room ?

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If you want coverage from both you and your partners preparations, you should consider a second photographer. I’ve written a whole post dedicated to why to book a second photographer here.

Gorgeous bridal prep photos
Wedding in Cairo
Bridesmaid fun in Cairo
Gorgeous bridal prep photos
Gorgeous bridal prep photos

The ceremony

I choose the spot where I’ll hopefully be less conspicuous, but also be able to capture your guest’s reactions, and your big entrance! If you have a videographer, we will work together so we both get the shots we anticipate and want for you.

I move around a little bit to get various parts of your ceremony, always light on my feet and away from anyone’s line of sight.

After your ceremony I’ll be at the bottom of the aisle to capture your exit and of course your confetti photos! Click here to see my ULTIMATE guide to comfetti photos ?

Western House Hotel Ayrshire
Western House Hotel Ayrshire
Wedding ceremony - Get your wedding timeline right!
What confetti looks best in wedding photos?

The drinks reception

I love walking around and capturing your mingling with guests, and I sometimes mingle a little too so you guests won’t feel like I’m a complete stranger. This time will fly by, so you won’t even notice I’m there!

Fizz & entertainment - Get your wedding timeline right!
Mingling with your guests - Get your wedding timeline right!

And this time is also perfect for setting aside a little time for your group photos. To make it go as smoothly as possible, I’ve dedicated a whole post to planning for your most important group photos here.

The portraits

Whether you choose a first look (post coming about this soon!) or to have your portraits taken after your ceremony, I never need long for this. If we have half an hour – amazing. If you set aside 10 minutes in the evening for sunset portraits, even better!

I give you space to be yourself, to enjoy your time alone and snap away subtly. If it feels like you need or want more directly, I’m there for that too!

Wedding portraits - Get your wedding timeline right!
Weddin at the Old Course hotel, St Andrews
From a rooftop terrace in St Andrews at sunset.
Western House Hotel Ayrshire
Western House Hotel Ayrshire

The speeches

It’s all part of your day – atmosphere, details, guests. I capture guests and speakers, and your reactions. I always try to stay out of everyone’s line of sight, and never ever interrupt you! While you eat, I eat too.

Wedding Photographer Scotland
Bride Reacting to Best Man’s Speech
Western House Hotel Ayrshire
Western House Hotel Ayrshire

The party

It’s time to hit the dancefloor! I’ll join you (after your first dance ?). Ceilidhs are a favourite, but no matter what, it will be like I’m just one of your guests hanging out, snapping away whatever happens.

Wedding Dance - From my best wedding photos from 2019
Natural, candid, party time, authentic wedding photographer scotland

This post was just to explain a bit more about how I work during a full day wedding. I hope your takeaway is that you realise I won’t be in the way or interfere too much – and my main goal is to give you the space to totally enjoy their day and be in the moment.

My main goal is to give you the space to totally enjoy their day and be in the moment.

If you want more help or inspiration with planning a full day wedding, I have a whole magazine dedicated to all the various parts of the day! It’s packed with info on what you can do in advance to get the most out of your wedding photos.

All my booked clients get that magazine sent in the mail, but if you’d like a smaller (free) PDF-version focusing on how you can feel more comfortable in front of the camera, you can download it here.

I hope that explains a little bit how I approach your day! There’s no recipe or shot list – I mostly just follow whichever plans you’ve made, and whatever happens. But I do think ahead, I anticipate, so I get those moments I know will happen.

I think ahead, I anticipate, I don’t interrupt, but I also suggest where appropriate, mingle with guests and join you on the dancefloor to really get in there and capture the moments.

❇️ Action Step! Which part of the day are you most excited for? What kind of photos are you imagining from that part? Tell me over on Instagram.