Pre-wedding shoot outfit inspiration

June 3, 2020

Deciding what to wear can be a difficult task if you don’t have any clothes in your cupboard? I get it – what to wear for your pre-wedding shoot?

Layers translate wonderfully to camera, so if it’s chilly, don’t be afraid to layer up. Try to complement each other’s outfits rather than match colours or fabrics (both in jeans on jeans is maybe a bit weird unless it’s your normal jam). Choose plain or subtle patterns, solid colours and/or textures (borg linings, heavy-knit woolen jumpers) are favoured over distracting graphics or logos. A pop of colour or a statement piece like shoes, necklace or a cool jacket can make a big difference! But most importantly, I want you to feel like YOU!

If you can combine your hair-and-makeup trial with the e-shoot, that may give you the extra confidence boost you need, and you’ll get to see the makeup on camera before your wedding too. A fresh manicure can be the cherry on top, but these things are definitely not a requirement for good photos. Below are some outfit examples, both casual and more dressy.

Casual outfits to wear for your photoshoot

Weather appropriate pre-wedding shoot outfits

Weather can be a real concernt when deciding what to wear for engagement photos! Layering up is lovelye, though, so don’t worry. I also love seeing wellies and other things that look cute and playful. The main aim should always be to feel comfortable (and warm is part of that). Remember, if you choose to wear a hat, make sure you’re comfortable taking it off after a while to get some photos without it on. Wild, loose hair works best with hats!

Semi-formal pre-wedding shoot outfits

I love a formal style for pre-wedding photos. If you want we can always try to mix it up with two different outfits. I recomment a smart-casual outfit for men and flowy cotton or chiffon dresses for the ladies. If you have a statement dress in a vivid colour, that’s amazing for a few epic shots. I still would recommend to bring a less statement-y piece for some variation. Most of my clients choose casual clothes though, so there’s nothing wrong with skipping the formal-wear step.

Engagement Shoot in Glen Etive, Highlands

Most importantly, you should wear something that makes you feel good! This blogpost is part of a series of 4 about pre-wedding shoots. You can find the other parts of this series by following the pre-shoot series tag. You can look at a range of pre-wedding shoots on my blog.