Teachers and portrait photographers share a very important skill. I didn’t realise this until very recently…

Apologies in advance for always having to dig so deep 🙃 it’s just part of who I am.

I’ve been working full time as a teacher for 9 months now. Having to get a different job to support myself after the pandemic hit, felt like a failure at first. I had to start from scratch professionally, and it felt like all those years spent building a business had been a waste of time.

What’s the most important skill for a wedding photographer?

So I’ve had to start reflecting on what wedding photography and being a business owner has given me and taught me. It’s actually quite a lot, and it makes sense now why I seem to love and enjoy both photography and teaching.

First of all, it’s not been a waste of time because I have enjoyed it and I’ve created memories for hundreds of people to enjoy in their lifetime. That’s pretty special! And it’s not like I’ve stopped photographing weddings either.

But it’s also taught me something about myself. I really love people (honestly, I’ve not always thought this 😂). I love most of all the diversity and nuance of people – that everyone has their own unique story, personality, layers, hopes and dreams. I’ve always been that person observing what everyone else is doing, and anticipating and reading behaviour and emotions (not that I always get it right 😅 that’s what keeps it interesting).

I’m using and improving my interpersonal skills every day in my classroom, and throughout every couple’s wedding journey. And it’s what I enjoy the most about being both a teacher and a portrait photographer.

While weddings still keep on postponing and I have less time to focus on marketing wedding photography, I know that I will keep doing it because I love it. And that even if it’s not going to be full time, I’ve had so many beautiful and valuable experiences while being a wedding photographer, and I’ll always have that with me in any professional endeavour.

This was all to say I’m probably going to post less frequently on here, but I’m still here, I’m still taking bookings in both Scotland and Norway, and I love you all for reading and commenting on my trains of thought!

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