Beautiful, classy wedding at Fru Haugans Hotel, Mosjøen

March 27, 2022

With unreal weather conditions, a super classy and sweet couple and a first look, this wedding was bound to be a big success.

I love when I get to travel around Norway for wedddings and explore this beautiful country. I had never been to Mosjøen before, but got to experience it at it’s best for Astrid & Marius’ wedding at Fru Haugans Hotel last year. Watch the slideshow below for all the highlights!

Astrid and Marius invited all their friends from around Norway for this beautiful wedding at Fru Haugans Hotel in Mosjøen. The day before they hosted a rehearsal dinner where everyone got to chat, get to know each other and relax before the big day. It was a great success! Below are some picks from the wedding day, but please watch the slideshow to let the entire day unfold.