Inga; dimunitive of Ingeborg

"Ingeborgs are generally strong personalities with a great sense of humour, often spiced up with some irony. Ingeborgs also like to enjoy life and not take it too seriously, and this is why they are great to party with!" - A pretty accurate Urban Dictionary definition.

I’m a Scandi turned Scottish with unruly hair and a big grin. My Linlithgow flat has squint walls and just enough space for me to sing Queen-songs loudly, ugly-cry at sad & happy animals in movies, eat toasted Tesco pancakes, send cat-GIFs to my boyfriend, read half of every book I start, watch David Attenborough documentaries, and blast out progressive metal while I cook my favourite veggie dinners 🤘

I’m a teacher by education, but photographer by profession, and my knack for making people feel comfortable in awkward situations has been useful in both fields! I’m a sucker for nostalgia and pretty things, and my secret wish is that life was all about wearing corduroy co-ords, cycling around quiet neighbourhoods on sunlit evenings, discovering what love means, cuddling dogs, making politically incorrect jokes and playing board games with quirky friends (like Stranger Things with golden retrievers and without the Upside-Down) 🙃

My ultimate goal is to make you feel less awkward,
and that my photos one day will evoke feelings of nostalgia in you.