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Sustainable wedding photography

When I came up with the name for Glitter & Twigs, it was honestly just due to a random combination of words. After some profound contemplation I figured how those words could represent my core values: I love juxtaposing the natural and honest, with the beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Twigs, and glitter. Glitter & Twigs. Too far fetched?

In addition to capturing natural moments in a beautiful way, I care about being a sustainable business. And that doesn’t just mean being “green”. Sustainability is intersectional: ethical, environmental as well as economical issues all have to be considered. Ideally, I support a world where small businesses thrive and local communities flourish. Anything I deliver to you has been consciously sourced while supporting passionate, small businesses. To ensure the smallest possible environmental impact, my products and marketing materials are mostly hand-made, recyclable or compostable, and plastic free. Additionally, I choose to work with businesses who demonstrate an ethical and inclusive workplace, and fair pay for their workers. There’s no sustsainability without equality. I work consciously on using inclusive language, being open minded and educating myself. 

I really hope you share and appreciate my values. If you do, you are definitely a good egg and a perfect fit for Glitter & Twigs!