Sustainability is a buzz-word that is shamelessly thrown around lately... It doesn't really mean anything unless you can back up that claim with actions. Material consumption is almost impossibly sustainable. So let me be transparent. I'm not perfect. I fly, and I buy things. But when I say I aim to run a sustainable photography business, it means that I take into consideration people's quality of life while making the smallest possible impact on the environment. And I constantly try to make better choices, and find ways to improve. To achieve this, I consciously source high quality products that I know will stand the test of time. My marketing materials are recyclable or compostable, and mainly plastic free. I also choose to work with passionate, small businesses who demonstrate an ethical and inclusive workplace, and fair pay for their workers. There’s also no sustsainability without equality, and I intentionally use inclusive language, am open minded, educate myself, and easily admit and adjust if I'm wrong about something. If you share my values, you are definitely a good egg and a perfect fit for Glitter & Twigs!

When I came up with the name for Glitter & Twigs, it was honestly just due to a random combination of words. After some profound contemplation I figured how those words could represent my core values. It's a juxtaposition of the natural and raw, with the beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Twigs, and glitter. Glitter & Twigs 😜 Too far-fetched?

In addition to capturing natural moments in an aesthetically pleasing way, I care about people and our planet. Sustainability doesn’t just mean being “green”. Whenever I make decisions, find new suppliers and generally run my business, I consider ethical and environmental efforts. In addition, I love supporting small businesses economically knowing that my contributions can make creative individuals do little happy dances!





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