Vibrant, Candid Wedding Photography

Capturing you, as yourselves, without being soppy or awkward

You’ve come to the right place if you’re here because you’d love informal and candid wedding photos without the fear of posing awkwardly. I want you to enjoy your day fuss-free, have fun with your guests and trust that your wedding photos will help you relive the day as it was, without being soppy. Rightly discerning as you are, it doesn’t stop there! You care about pretty photos too; vibrant, clean images that reflect your day beautifully. If that sounds about right, scroll down to see more.


Unposed and candid

It's your guests who will make your wedding unique! I capture interactions and atmosphere throughout the day without being in the way. I do however add a little instruction if needed during our portrait session, or to get to the best light during preparations.

No awkward and time consuming couple portraits

I want you to feel comfortable and have lots of fun on your wedding day, so I don't do awkward and time-consuming couple portraits. My approach is natural, fun and relaxed, as I want to capture real emotions that work with even the most camera shy!

Timeless photos

I photograph what happens, and instruct where appropriate - a perfect balance to get "the shots". The nostalgic in me will advise you to set aside a little time for group photos and a few "silver-frame" wedding photos. I'm here to advise to make them go seamlessly with your timeline (no yawn-inducing 40-page shot lists here).

Meaningful details

I love using colours, textures, scenery and details to tell a story from your day! Since I don't want to spend too much time setting them up in a fake situation, as it may distract me from the real moments happening around me, I will capture the beautiful details as they appear on your day.

Unexpected moments

Quickly being able to adjust when something happens comes with experience. Knowing what's happening next, too! I'm prepared to get the important moments covered, as well as the small or unexpected moments.

All rights and an online gallery

You get a final selection of 500+ high-resolution images from a full day, and they're free to use however you like! You can download your photos directly from the gallery, and share with friends and family.

We can meet before you book

We're going to spend significant time together on a personal and important day so I always offer to meet personally or over video chat if you want to get a feel for who I am or just talk wedding stuff. Get in touch to make plans!

Gorgeous Things To Have & Hold

Lovingly sourced and curated by yours truly

I dare to say that your wedding day photography isn’t complete without something you can hold in your hands and flick through on a rainy day. Since you get digital photos, you can use them however you like – but I love to send out a handful of prints, my product guide & your very own USB-twig after your wedding to get you inspired to actually use your photographs. See more about my packaging below!

What's New?

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You get

My undivided attention leading up to your day

Think, super quick responses to your emails and someone you can rely on.

A jam-packed wedding guide I've made from scratch

Made with love and based on years of experience, it will certainly boost the value of your wedding photography investment!

My super easy-going and friendly personality

I'm here to make you happy no matter what! My highest aspiration is to make you feel at ease and reassured that your photos are in good hands.

Travel anywhere in the UK

On your wedding day, I don't charge any mileage or even for parking. I do however ask you to cover ferry trips or flights if there are any!

A free pre-wedding shoot!

I like to get to know you better and find out how I best can take your photos. If you book a full-day package I'll meet you and photograph you for 60 minutes for free in the off-season :-)

My expert advice on your timeline

Let's meet face-to-face or over Skype before the big day. I'll give you my best advice on creating a super-chilled timeline that works with your venue and visions!

My recommended suppliers list to get you started

Think, the coolest bands (and I'm a music lover), loveliest florists, prettiest props and lushest stationery!

Super safe backup routines into the future

Computers fail. I have your ORIGINALS stored on multiple devices from day one + keep them online for at least 12 months after your wedding. Furthermore, after delivery your final edits are kept in perpetuity.

High-end prints & albums

I've spent thousands on researching, testing and trying out the best options out there and know what I'm talking about. And a handful of prints are included with your all-day option!

A few little surprises

Everyone loves a parcel in the mail, right? After the wedding, I do my best to help with your post-wedding blues.

One of my gorgeous USB-twigs

And it has all your photos on it!

Online gallery with all your 500+ final images

Share your photos easily with friends and family, and they can order fine art prints from the gallery as well.

£100 off your first album order

Because I can guarantee you'll not regret it, and I want to give you a super awesome incentive to invest in one.

My expertise in shooting and editing

This is obvious. But I wanted to reiterate. I take the photos, I edit them. No-one else. Your photos are a direct result of my aesthetic vision and creativity. And I lovingly edit each and every one of your final images.

I'd love to hear from you!

Just leave your details below and I'll be in touch.

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