Vibrant, Candid Wedding Photography
Capturing you, as yourselves, without being soppy or awkward

Most of what I do is unposed and candid

It's your guests who will make your wedding unique! I capture interactions and atmosphere throughout the day without being in the way. I do however add a little instruction if needed during our portrait session, or to get to the best light during preparations.

No awkward and time consuming couple portraits

I want you to feel comfortable and have lots of fun on your wedding day, so I don't do awkward and time-consuming couple portraits. My approach is natural, fun and relaxed, as I want to capture real emotions that work with even the most camera shy!

Timeless photos with limited intervention

I photograph what happens, and instruct where appropriate - a perfect balance to get "the shots". The nostalgic in me will advise you to set aside a little time for group photos and a few "silver-frame" wedding photos. I'm here to advise to make them go seamlessly with your timeline (no yawn-inducing 40-page shot lists here).

Capturing details in a meaningful way

I love using colours, textures, scenery and details to tell a story from your day! Since I don't want to spend too much time setting them up in a fake situation, as it may distract me from the real moments happening around me, I will capture the beautiful details as they appear on your day.

I'm there when it happens

Quickly being able to adjust when something happens comes with experience. Knowing what's happening next, too! I'm prepared to get the important moments covered, as well as the small or unexpected moments.

You'll get an online gallery + USB-twig

You get a final selection of 500+ high-resolution images from a full day, and they're free to use however you like! You can download your photos directly from the gallery, and share with friends and family.

I'd love to meet you!

We're going to spend significant time together on a personal and important day so I always offer to meet personally or over video chat if you want to get a feel for who I am or just talk wedding stuff. Get in touch to make plans!

Gorgeous Things To Have & Hold

Lovingly sourced and curated by yours truly

I dare to say that your wedding day photography isn’t complete without something you can hold in your hands and flick through on a rainy day. Gorgeous textured prints, perfectly printed albums and lush fabrics are just a few of the things I know you will really appreciate.

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BEST OF 2018