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You may not have planned a wedding before, so this is all new to you. Either way, there may be a lot of questions when it comes to booking any vendor for your wedding. The ones you have, and ones you didn't even know you had! Here I've gathered all of those questions I often get, or often wish I'd gotten, so your mind can be at ease when choosing who to capture your important moments.


Do you only take candid photos?

Most of the day I hang out in the background, however I do add some careful instruction to get those gorgeous portraits. This requires some flexibility, trust and cooperation from your side. I only guide when appropriate, but I do it to get the best shots possible for you. I always try to work in a way that will make any moment feel and look relaxed and unposed.

Help, we're awkward in front of the camera!

Most of my clients say this! It's likely because we're overthinking being photographed. We can't just "act normal" because normal isn't something you usually think about. I'm there to help you relax, and soon enough you won't be thinking so hard about what to do with your hands, or what your dress looks like. The rest of the day I'll keep a distance and move around so you won't even know I'm there most of the time. Sounds good?

Are there any hidden fees?

Weddings outside Scottish mainland, and in remote areas of Norway are subject to a travel fee that will be added to your booking before you sign my contract. Travel and accommodation in the Rogaland, Bergen and Oslo areas are included. Absolutely nothing will be added to your bill after your wedding unless agreed beforehand - so there is complete transparency here.

How do you store and keep our photos?

I photograph using backup memory cards, and I also have three cameras. Immediately after your wedding, your photos are uploaded to my computer, to an external hard-drive and even to "the cloud", so your images will be on three devices until they are safely delivered to you. Your original files are stored at least for one year, and your final images are stored indefinitely.

Do we need to pay a booking fee?

Yes. My booking fee is £700 for weddings in Scotland, and kr 15500 for wedding in Norway. This is required so you can make sure your date is carved in stone in my calendar, receive gifts as part of your total pacakge, ensure I have all the time in the world for you and sharing my tips with you along the way and so on. The fee is obviously part of your total investment.

What if you can't make it to our wedding?

There’s no sick day as a wedding photographer! If I against all odds can not make it to your wedding day, due to travel restrictions or something unprecedented, I will to the best of my ability try to find another photographer for you from my extensive network of talented colleagues. If I against all odds am unable to find an associate to cover your wedding, you are of course entiteled to a refund of any advance payments.

Do you have to post our photos on social media?

I hope you will support me in this my number one way of getting new clients (I'm sure you have seen photos of previous weddings I shot on my Instagram before you decided to book). I respect your privacy, so please let me know if you have any issues with this before you book. Mind, there will be no previews or sneak peeks shared online as you wait for you final gallery if you opt out!

Do you work with second shooters?

Sometimes! An additional photographer is recommended if your wedding party is more than 60 or your wedding is on more than one location and you want to capture two places or angles at once, or just get an extra amount of beautiful detail shots and candid photos. I've written a comprehensive blogpost about why or why not to book a second photographer. You can view it by clicking here.

Do we need to sign a contract?

Yes, for both yours and my security and peace of mind. A wedding contract is, and should be, standard to the wedding industry. You will be able to access it before you pay your booking fee, or upon request at any time. I want neither of us to be left in the dark, empty-handed or worse off by something happening in advance or after, so this is important.

Do we get the rights to our images?

Absolutely, you get full a personal usage license for your digital images. This means high resolution non-watermarked images and the ability to print your images yourselves, share with friends and family, make copies and so on. For the sake of clarity this is different to copyright. Retaining copyright means that I retain the right to assert myself as creator of the images, to use them in my portfolio and in relation to my business.

What are your travel fees and arrangements?

Travel and accommodation in the Rogaland, Bergen and Oslo areas in Norway, as well as Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen in Scotland are included in your full-day package. Weddings outside Scottish mainland, and in remote areas of Norway are subject to a travel fee and added to your booking. Please enquire to get up to date pricing. For pre-wedding shoots, travel costs may apply outside Stavanger.

Can we access RAW-files?

In a nutshell, no. But let me tell you why you wouldn't want them first of all. Not every image I take on the day is designed to be part of the finished product - there are test shots, experiments, outtakes and blinks to get rid of. Not to mention that a RAW file is a huge unedited digital negative with no colour enhancement, sharpening and that can only be read by specialist programmes. RAW files are essentially an incomplete piece of work. If there is something you're not satisfied with in the final edit, I'm happy to take a look at it together with you. If you're worried that I'll keep important images from you, rest assured I never reject anything I think you'll love. That's why there's no upper cap on the amount of photos I deliver.

Can we send you a shot list of photos we want?

I only require a shot list this for family group portraits. Your day will be captured naturally in my style and according to how it unfolds. Working from a list prevents me from doing that! The first kiss, walking down the aisle, bridal portraits, beautiful details, all of that is just what I do so trust me here 😘 Of course, if there's a few things that's very important to you, like photos at a particular spot or with a particular person, then by all means let me know and I will do my best to make this happen given we have time on the day.