Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hidden fees?

Absolutely not. No-one likes hidden fees, and they are unfair. All fees will be agreed and discussed upon booking or if you upgrade your collection. Absolutely nothing will be added to your bill after your wedding (not even travel costs) unless you wish to order an additional product of course.

How do your store and keep our wedding photos?

I photograph using backup memory cards, and I also have three cameras. Immediately after your wedding, your photos are uploaded to my computer, to an external hard-drive and even to "the cloud", so your images will be on three devices until they are safely delivered to you. Your original files are stored at least for one year, and your final images are stored indefinitely.

Do you have to post on social media?

Sharing on social media is my number one way of getting new clients, and I hope you will support me! I respect your wishes and privacy, so please let me know if you have any issues with this. Mind, there will be no previews or sneak peeks shared online as you wait for you final gallery if you do!

Do we need to pay a booking fee?

I require a non-refundable booking fee of £500 (5000 NOK) to secure your wedding date. I cannot hold your date unless a booking fee is paid.

When should we book?

If you think Glitter & Twigs style and approach is what you’re after, why not book straight away? In May to September, there’s high demand and your wedding date is not secured until you’ve booked and paid a booking fee. It is common to book your wedding photographer 12-18 months in advance, but during quieter months, there may be availability short term.

What if you can't make it to our wedding day!?

There’s no sick day as a wedding photographer! If I against all odds can not make it to your wedding day, you are entiteled to a full refund, and I will to the best of my ability try to find another photographer for you from my network of extraordinary colleagues.

Do we need an additional photographer?

An additional photographer is advised if your wedding party is more than 60 and/or your wedding is on more than one location and you want to capture two places/angles at once. It's common to add on a so-called "second shooter" for groom preparations, ceremony and speeches. All final photographs are edited by myself to complete a full set of consistent photos.

Do we need to sign a contract?

Yes! For both yours and my security and peace of mind. My contract is standard to the wedding industry. You will be able to access it before you pay your booking fee, or upon request at any time.

Are you insured?

I’m professionally insured, and have worldwide public liability insurance, equipment insurance and professional indemnity insurance.

What are you travel fees?

Travel is included to your wedding anywhere in mainland Scotland. Accommodation is discussed if there’s more than 3 hours drive from my home in Linlithgow. Travel for engagement shoots is included only to Edinburgh central belt. Additional fees apply for other destinations.

All travel is included with Norwegian packages to destinations near Oslo and Stavanger. An additional flat fee of £500 (5000 NOK) applies to all other destinations in Norway and includes accommodation.

What now?

Let's meet up or chat over email!